Changing the narrative of Paints.

EVI Vernici is a high-quality paint and coating brand that manufactures and markets a wide range of protective, decorative and eco-friendly paint products. We are committed to continuously developing green solutions that minimize paints’ future impacts, surpass our client’s taste and also meet international standards.
Over the years, we have delivered top notch range of products which include our Anti- Mosquito, Pitone, Patino, Cocodrillo and many other astounding coats.

Anti- Mosquito paint is a special product that repels mosquitoes and every other flying and crawling insects. This special paint was made specially to knock down insects on contact. It has a highly washable surface and a luxurious eggshell matt finish.

Pitone is a top of the line water based finish that has the crocodile animal print finish. It creates a rough but appealing finish and can end up in different patterns. The product can be overcoated with two of our products which are Patina or Loro to give a pleasing look. The product is very hygienic and has good antifungal properties.
We seek to consistently offer luxurious but durable coats to our worldwide market and give our customers the best value for their money.
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YD Agency is more than just a PR brand, much much more. But we are a hybrid PR, Marketing Communication, Strategy solutions brand. A full-fledged, well experienced, 22nd century integrated communications brand, with speciality in ‘CORPORATE, FASHION, EVENT, LIFESTYLE, MARKETING & INFLUENCE’.

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