YD Agency is more than just a PR company. We are a fully integrated communications agency that specialises in Fashion, Influence and Lifestyle Marketing. We reach the people you want to reach, engage and transform them into loyalists.

Through creative brand development solutions, PR and marketing campaigns, activations and events, we effectively share your brand’s story and connect to millions of people worldwide. Clients we have worked for include:  Cozy Concept Furniture, Woodstyles, Fashions Finest UK, Business of Photography Network, Fashions Finest Africa, Essential Woman Magazine, Freedom Foundation, EMACC Foundation, ELOY Awards, Emmy Collins London, Crystal Deroche Agency London, King’s College Old Boy’s Association, Complete Fashion, U.S Outlets Nigeria, Designers- Morin.O, Marte Egele, Emmy Collins London, SGTC Clothing, Celebrities and more.